What do we intend by "Integrative Software Consulting"?

The fact that steps into the future are not to be started from scratch is, of course, truism. It is our target to help you pass on established knowledge and to enhance it by latest expertise. We see ourselves as interpreters between these worlds, trying to create a purposive light bulb moment.

The basic attitude for a successful integration is the conviction, that the whole issue is more than the sum of its parts. Each part contributes to the whole. The appreciation of the existing, thereby, goes along with a critical enthusiasm for the new.

When it comes to integrate the "New World" into the "Old World", the experience in multi-tier architecture and heterogeneous infrastructures represent an important contribution, yet, it is only a first step. It is also important to align varying skills and to generate comprehension for the many times astonishingly diverging approaches. Only the backing of the architecture in the sense of cultural integration accomplishes the prerequisite for a successful implementation.

For this reason, the basis for our services, indeed, is our wide technical expertise. But then, further to that, our communicative skills represent an important part in our business, too.

Only the sum of these proficiencies allows us, to successfully promote the integration of legacy applications with advanced architectures and methods.



Automated Unit Testing Made Simple And Highly Efficient

Our award-winning unit test tool savvytest offers you an unmatched efficiency in unit testing. While reducing the required effort to the lowest, you benefit not only from increased quality, but also from dramatically reduced error fixing costs by up to 80%!

Thanks to automatic creation of check conditions, support for complex test scenarios, stubs for isolated test runs, and export to and import from MS Excel files to collect test data in the easiest way, savvytest offers much more than mere unit testing.

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