savvytest News 1/2013

Latest News On Our Innovative Unit Test Tool For z/OS

Let 2013 come

The new year has started, and we do hope that you had a great kick-off. We wish you a successful 2013, and that your plans for the new year may develop well on your way to achieving your aims.

We at savignano software solutions have big plans, too. You have not heard from us for a while, but this is going to change! From now on, we will issue this news on a regular basis, providing you with an insight into our ongoing development. Please find information on how to subscribe to or unsubscribe from this newsletter at the end of this article.

Release 2.0 waiting in the wings

The fact that you have not heard from us certainly does not mean that we have not been active behind the scenes. On top of servicing our customers' projects, we have been working continously on new features for savvytest. We are happy to announce Release 2.0 for this year's second quarter. It will provide you with  some most interesting new functionality. We have been able to include many suggestions from our customers as well. This and the following newsletters will give you some insight into these new features. Stay tuned!

Featuring stubs or mockups in savvytest

There is one important feature we can present today: stubs. With the help of stubs - also known as mocks or mockups - you will be able to start testing your software even earlier. This feature allows to simulate programs which are not yet fully functional - or do not even exist. In this way, you are enabled to start unit testing at a very early stage in development. As shown in the diagram on the right, you can test a module even though not all of the modules called by it are functional yet. This provides you with a significant gain in time.  

This is why we state this functionality to be so crucial for you:

Reduce cost to fix errors by 80% using savvytest

Economic potential from early testing using savvytestEconomical evaluations show that you can reduce your costs for problem fixes by up to 80% by detecting them early during development with the help of unit tests. Fixing errors this early requires significantly less time and money. It is therefore important to start testing early in the coding phase of your development cycle.

This is where savvytest comes into play, enabling you to start testing as early as possible!

Learn more about the new release 2.0 in our next newsletter.

Or would you like more information right now? Do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We are looking forward to it!

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