savvytest News 5/2013

Latest News About Our Innovative Tool For Unit Testing Under z/OS

Release 2.0 – Stay Tuned!

In our last newsletter, we announced release 2.0 of savvytest for the second quarter this year. Of course, as we promised, we are still working intensively for it.

While last time, our savvytest News were about stubs and mockups, this time we want to report on another feature which has often been asked for - the Excel interface.

Available with savvytest 2.0: the Excel Interface

Usually, unit testing is being performed by the software developers. This is the obvious approach. Yet, the question is: can only the developers benefit from the advantages of early testing? We believe NO!

Developers have a technical point of view towards their software components - and they will test them based on this know-how. They are the IT experts, but they often miss functional aspects of the application which are non-technical. Therefore, these functional aspects are covered only late during application or acceptance testing. Because of this, many functional requirements are checked later than would be eligible in order to significantly reduce the costs to fix errors.

Involving Specialists Early Improves Quality And Reduces Costs

So, our thoughts were: why not let functional correctness be tested early by the non-IT specialist, thus improving quality and validity of unit tests? Doing so, the functional requirements can be guaranteed at a much earlier point in the software deveopment process because the unit tests comprise not only of a technical, but also of the functional point of view.

This approach enables you to reduce the cost to fix errors by up to 80%, as we have already shown in our last newsletter. If you would like to refer to the explanation and the diagram about it, you can find it here.

Start Immediately Without Training

Right form the beginning, it was our aim to provide access to unit and component testing even for non-IT experts. In order to do so, we always provided a stand-alone version of savvytest which does not require a complete development environment like Rational Developer for System z. It also comes with a simplified user interface which enables its usage without the technical background of a software developer.

However, we are now taking this one step further. With savvytest 2.0 the non-IT specialists will be able to specify their functional tests using a tool they are already familiar with: Excel sheets. From there, the test cases can be imported into savvytest and executed from here. By providing this new feature, savvytest can achieve a high acceptance among the specialists and reduces the necessity for user trainings to almost zero. And your software project can benefit from the advantages of early testing without delay. 

Always One Step Ahead Thanks to savvytest!

You see: we are constantly working to help our customers to further tap the full potential of unit testing.


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