savvytest News 7/2013 - complex test scenarios in savvytest 2.0 - Excel interface for quick and easy creation of test data


Innovation boost for unit testing under z/OS - or: How to make life easier for your team and yourself

Version 2.0 of savvytest Ahead - To Be Available Soon!

„Better is the enemy of good"- in this spirit, we are glad to be able to report that savvytest 2.0 is going to offer even more options to allow for even earlier as well as even better testing. Let us give you an insight to what this specifically means for the use of our unit test tool for IBM's System z mainframe:

Complex Test Scenarios Including Data References

One of the new top features in savvytest 2.0 supports dependencies between components. They can now be mapped to test scenarios which consist of multiple test cases, requiring input data not only to be given directly, but also to be taken from a preceding test case.

Komplexe Testszenarien mit savvytest 2.0

Let's look at an example for this: A customer ID has to be determined in the first step, then used as an input for creating a new booking record. In order to map this dependency, savvytest 2.0 allows you to refer to the output ID of the preceding test case as the input data to the current test case. The reference may be to any of the preceding test cases.

This makes it easier and faster to map relationships, allowing an even more comprehensive use of the test results. The often time-consuming creation of connected test rows comes down to a simple task in savvytest 2.0 - giving you an advantage by becoming faster and more efficient in testing. 

More Great New Features: Stubs
And The Often Asked For Interface to MS Office

Echte isolierte Unit Tests mit savvytest 2.0Using stubs, often also referred to as mockups, it becomes possible to simulate software components which are not functional yet or do not even exist. With the import/export interface to Microsoft Excel, business experts can be integrated much earlier in testing than ever before, allowing non-IT members of the team to become involved, still stay within their familar environment, enabling the project to profit from interdisciplinary skills in an uncomplicated way.

Details on these features can be found in previous issues of our newsletter:

Our main principle is to develop our software according to work reality of our customers. Our aim is to enable them to use the benefits of unit testing in a easy-to-use and highly efficient way. With savvytest 2.0, you get more from your development time and budget, achieving reliable results faster than ever.

That is modern testing!