savvytest News 9/2013 - savvytest 2.0 at Guide Share Europe Meeting - Survey on Unit Tests on z/OS


Unit tests are the most effificient type of tests - and thanks to savvytest, they can be established so quickly and easily!   

Version 2.0 of savvytest Live at Guide Share Europe Conference

Guide Share Europe

We proudly announce the first public presentation of our brand-new savvytest 2.0 at the this year's fall meeting of the Guide Share Europe working group Enterprise Modernization.

Yet, that is not everything, by any means!

Customer Story:
savvytest in the field at Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall

We have a lot more to offer: the leading architect for the software development process at Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall will present how they integrated savvytest into the iterative practice over the past years, and how this helped to improve efficiency in software implementation. 

Interested? Assure yourself and join!

Guide Share Europe - Enterprise Modernization
Monday, 14 October through Wednesday, 16 October, 2013
Amadeus Hotel, Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

Get the details more from the GSE website.

Your Experience Counts:
Survey on Unit Tests in Mainframe Environments

Most of the available information about testing in large enterprises are confined to application and acceptance testing. The use of unit tests on mainframes is poorly investigated, or the results are not publicly available. Yet, many questions should find an answer: are unit tests performed on a regular basis on mainframes? If so, how? If not, why not?

We would like to find out more about how and under which circumstances unit tests are used on mainframes. Do you think this is an interesting question? Then help us to find out by sharing your own experience!

Join the survey by clicking here.

As we value your costly time, we have kept this survey short enough to allow you to go answer all questions in not more than just 5-10 minutes.

Of course, we love to share the results with you. But if you wish so, you may as well participate completely anonymously.

New Top Features in savvytest 2.0

Echte isolierte Unit Tests mit savvytest 2.0

Just to remind you, here are the top features of savvytest 2.0 at a glance:

Stubs allow for true isolated unit tests

With the support of stubs, also referred to as mockups, starting from version 2.0, it is possible to simulate components which are not yet available or functional, or which are required to provide a given response independently from the environment. One example for this are database access components.

Complex Test Scenarios

Komplexe Testszenarien mit savvytest 2.0In version 2.0, test scenarios comprise any number of test cases, and even allows to pass data between them. we take particular pride in the fact that we provide the complexity of this feature in such a intuitive and simple way, ensuring its highly efficient use.

And still not a single line of code is required!

Specify test scenarios in Excel

Testcases in Excel

An important leap towards empowering non-IT users to benefit from the advantages of unit tests, is the interface to Excel introduced in version 2.0 of savvytest. Now test scenarios can be exported to Excel spread sheets in order to create and update data in the MS Office environment. After having re-imported the scenarios, they are easily  executed on the mainframe and their results checked - including comprehensive result reports and full archiving.

Your Main Benefits From savvytest

savvytest has always provided a unique support for your software development:

  • Reduce your error fixing costs by up to 80% by particularly early testing
  • Highly efficiently create and maintain unit tests without a single line of code
  • Integrate non-IT experts through a simple and comprehensible presentation
  • Fully document and archive all tests

That is the future of testing!

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