savvytest News 7/2015 - Best Of Quality Management 2015 - Agility Requires Unit Tests - savvytest 3.0 in Beta Test


By electing savvytest to be Best-of IT 2015, the jury of the German "Initiative Mittelstand“ has confirmed that savvytest is not only a very versatile and efficient tool, but it is particularly innovative as well. With savvytest, unit testing becomes a multi-purpose solution that is yet easy to handle.

savvytest One Of The Best Solutions In Quality Management

Innovation Award IT 2015 qualifiedWe are glad to find our efforts for high quality in software development approved by savvytest being elected Best Of in 2015. The jury’s decision based on the grade of innovation regarding novelty, readiness for production and forward-looking of our solution, as well as the benefit for the customer being improved profitability and increased efficiency. The independent jury consisted of IT journalists, branch experts, scientists and professors from the special faculties who reviewed the submitted products and solutions.

But hey, this doesn’t mean we just rest on our laurels! Quite the contrary, we are currently working hard on the best savvytest ever. savvytest 3.0 is on its way, soon bringing even more new features and improvements to you. 

Agility Requires Unit Tests

Why so? When we look at the Principles behind the Agile Manifesto, we read this for example:

Welcome changing requirements, even late in development.
Agile processes harness change for the customer's competitive advantage.

This principle is certainly one of the most important of the twelve principles, yet we often find it difficult to follow it properly. We could achieve a high flexibility, thus making sure that our software product meets our customer’s requirements as perfectly as possible. But we often find ourselves estimating a change to be a too big risk to really change the software that already worked.

In order to gain the necessary certainty for such changes, regression tests play a major role. Only if we perform regression testing of our software on a regular basis, we can keep the risk of unwanted side-effects under our control.

Unit tests are perfectly fit for regression testing throughout the whole software development cycle, thus providing the kind of safe feeling to all project team members which is required to act agile and welcome changes. But savvytest even goes one big step further by making the creation of unit tests such an easy and efficient task. It even enables non-IT team members to be involved easily through the use of familiar Office documents.

savvytest offers you a unique concept to minimize risk and use the prospects of agile methods. Indeed: Best Of Quality Management!

Sneak Peek At Our Lab

Finally, let's have the traditional sneak peek at our lab - what happened there since our last newsletter?

Our lab :-)In our last newsletter, we had already mentioned that we were working on the easy connection to a continuous integration server like Jenkins, and since then, we have made a good progress. savvytest now comes with a CLI component that can be executed from the command line to perform test suites in batch mode. This completely new features allows for an easy integration of savvytest unit tests with the automated build and deployment process.

In addition to this, we have further improved the Excel export and import feature, allowing the user to update a test scenario's check conditions from within the Excel application.

Our release 3.0 is currently in beta testing, and our next step will be to prepare it for the different client and target platforms we support.

Are you interested to try out savvytest 3.0 and be part of the beta test? Just get in contact with us - we are looking forward to you! 

Get all benefits from unit testing in the most efficient way

Only savvytest can provide you with these unique advantages for your software development:
  • Reduce your error fixing costs by up to 80% through particularly early testing
  • Highly efficiently create and maintain unit tests without a single line of code
  • Integrate non-IT experts through a simple and comprehensible presentation
  • Fully document and archive all tests
Get a free test drive now - no obligations!

Ask for a free savvytest test drive and see for yourself how simple and easy it is to create unit tests using the optimum tool for it!

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Innovation logo by Initiative Mittelstand, Laboratory by Wikimedia Commons (PD), all others by savignano software solutions