savvytest 2017 and the future of unit testing


Latest news on our most versatile unit testing tool

savvytest for web services

We are happy and proud to announce that savvytest, our award-winning tool, will take the next step towards the truly versatile automated unit testing tool of choice. In 2017, we are going to release a savvytest that allows quick and easy testing of web services.

With regard to unit testing on the System z mainframe platform, however, we will no longer offer a savvytest solution. Instead, we warmly recommend Compuware’s new solution which offers all that savvytest had to offer plus some more very useful features. It has become available with the beginning of this year.

Introducing Topaz for Total Test

By enabling even novice developers to immediately validate and troubleshoot any changes they make to existing COBOL applications, Topaz for Total Test effectively eliminates the notion that such applications are “legacy” code that can’t be updated as frequently with the same confidence as other types of applications.

The result is unprecedented digital agility for large enterprises with higher quality, lower costs, and dramatically reduced dependency on the specialized knowledge of mainframe veterans aging out of the active IT workforce.

By bringing fast, developer-friendly unit testing to COBOL applications, Topaz for Total Test also empowers enterprises to deliver better customer experiences—since to create those experiences, IT needs its Agile/DevOps processes to encompass all platforms, from the mainframe to the cloud.

Topaz for Total Test integrated workflow

Many enterprises—among them the world’s largest banks, insurance companies, retailers and airlines—run their business on mainframe applications. Unfortunately, the ability of enterprises to quickly update those applications in response to ever-changing business imperatives is badly hampered by manual, antiquated development and testing processes; ongoing loss of specialized COBOL programming knowledge; and the risk and associated fear of introducing even the slightest defect into core mainframe systems of record.

Compuware Topaz for Total Test transforms mainframe application development by automatically creating tests for logical units of code. Developers at all skill levels can thus quickly and easily perform unit testing on COBOL code just as they do in Java, PHP and other popular programming languages. In fact, Topaz is more advanced than typical Java tools, because it requires no coding and automatically generates default unit test result assertions for developers.

Lightning fast creation of unit tests

With Topaz for Total Test, Compuware has put savvytest’s unmatched efficiency and ease of use to the next level. Don’t miss this demo video because otherwise you won’t be able to believe how easy it can be to quickly create unit tests from within your source code: 

Isn’t that amazing? We as the creators of savvytest are deeply impressed by this first release of Topaz for Total Test, and we are looking forward to its future development.

If you want to learn more about Topaz for Total Test, we recommend that you start here.

The future of savvytest

Now that Topaz for Total Test is out, savvytest for System z will not be available any more.

However, based on the proven concept of savvytest, we are soon going to release a new edition of the tool that will address the challenges of web-based API testing. Stay tuned.

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Topaz for Total Test Workflow and Topaz for Total Test Demovideo by Compuware Corp, all others by savignano software solutions