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savvytest 2.1 integrates with EDz and more 

IBM Systems Magazine

[...] The upcoming version of this mainframe testing tool can be delivered with a connector plug-in for the development environment offered by Micro Focus. Furthermore, all users can look forward to additional enhancements of the software's usability and efficiency, as well as new features like the support for automatic creation of check conditions (assertions) from a reference test run. [...]

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savvytest 2.0 for z/OS provides stubs and Excel integration

IBM Systems Magazine

The IT consulting and software provider Savignano Software Solutions, situated in Germany, presents the new version 2.0 of their proven test software savvytest for IBM mainframes. Features like stubs, the integration of Excel sheets, as well the support for complex test scenarios consisting of multiple test cases with field references make unit and component testing of mainframe programs even easier. [...]

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Automated Unit Testing Made Simple And Highly Efficient

Our award-winning unit test tool savvytest offers you an unmatched efficiency in unit testing. While reducing the required effort to the lowest, you benefit not only from increased quality, but also from dramatically reduced error fixing costs by up to 80%!

Thanks to automatic creation of check conditions, support for complex test scenarios, stubs for isolated test runs, and export to and import from MS Excel files to collect test data in the easiest way, savvytest offers much more than mere unit testing.

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