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Due to our conviction that integration can even utilize synergies and enhance the efficiency, we have developed our interacting software solution for tests of software components.

Tests represent a portion of 50 % up to 80 % of the expenditure for software development. Unit tests are playing a paramount role in projects having high demand with respect to quality and reliability and, as compared to others, they offer the highest cost efficiency.* Our product is based on the unit test principle, making it readily available on the mainframe platform, too.

Ready for IBM Rational softwaresavvytest has been certified to be Ready For IBM Rational Software, thus giving you assurance that the solution has been enabled, validated and is integrated to and compatible with the Rational family of products.

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Would you like to receive more information about our solution? If this is the case, please get in touch with us directly. We will be pleased to introduce our tool to you in detail and without any obligation from your side.




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Survey on unit testing on mainframes

There is only very few information to be found about unit testing on mainframes. We want to change that.

Contribute now because it's your experience that counts!

We would like to learn about for which purpose unit tests are currently used on mainframes, and how they are created and maintained. Are you interested, too? Then help us, please!

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