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Our Company and Our Mission

Our enterprise was founded in 2007 and has since been successful in helping our customers to support and improve their core business. We are located in the region of Stuttgart, Germany, which is one of Europe's most important areas of economy and technological knowledge. Research and development levels are among the highest worldwide. An ideal environment for new ideas!

The company founder had gained over twenty years of experience, ten of which working as a technological consultant in leading system houses, when he started this business. He is convinced that today it is software which drives success and prosperity everywhere in the world. Our mission is to protect and improve our customers' most valuable asset: their unique expertise.

Today, our solutions are trusted by leading enterprises as well as government institutions around the world.

We are also committed to our social and environmental responsibility. As members of Pledge 1%, an international movement of corporate philanthropy, every year, we give 1% of our income to charitable organizations. In addition to that, our software solutions can be used free of charge by accredited charities as well by open source projects. 

Pledge 1% Proud Member
Our office is powered 100% from renewable resources, we use green powered cloud services wherever possible, and we continuously strive to get better in every aspect of our contributions.
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