Our enterprise was founded at the beginning of 2007 and has since been successful on the market in the field of architectural consulting. We are located in the region of Stuttgart, Germany, one of Europe's most important areas of economy and know-how. According to a study by Eurostat, there is no other place with such a high percentage of employees working in hight-tech industries. Research and development are among the highest levels worldwide. An ideal environment for new ideas!

The company founder, having gained 10 years of experience working as IT consultant in leading system houses, is of the opinion that advanced software development means to evolve continuously. This implies that former structures are to be integrated, since they represent the best appropriate software, for a conceivable period, in their „ecological niche".

Integration is not only the leitmotif in our software consulting services, but also in the development of  a comprehensive tool for software tests, with the purpose to improve software and to increase its reliability, yet considering the financial investment to be exploited to an optimum.

At present we are working successfully with 5 employees on these issues with a continuing upwards trend. 

For special skills we avail of partners, allowing us to be in a position to find efficient solutions for specific problems, too.

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Automated Unit Testing Made Simple And Highly Efficient

Our award-winning unit test tool savvytest offers you an unmatched efficiency in unit testing. While reducing the required effort to the lowest, you benefit not only from increased quality, but also from dramatically reduced error fixing costs by up to 80%!

Thanks to automatic creation of check conditions, support for complex test scenarios, stubs for isolated test runs, and export to and import from MS Excel files to collect test data in the easiest way, savvytest offers much more than mere unit testing.

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