The Services we offer in the Consulting Field

We are offering consultation and support concerning software questions, directly on-site.

Software Architecture

We offer support during the concept phase as well as during the realization of architectures for the integration of legacy applications by using advanced software. This includes challenges like COBOL and Java in single-tier or multi-tier architecture, mainframe integration of legacy systems with web applications, or third party software in your existing software environment.


Often communication represents an important problem, most of the time it even plays the decisive role in heterogeneous projects. We offer support as interpreters and mediators, helping to identify problems at an early stage and mitigate them at the right time.


Qualification is of elementary importance, in order to allow the employees' skills to be utilized to an optimum. It is also the basis for appropriate communication. Specific cross-over training improves communication and cooperation to a great extent, since employees having various skills will be given an insight into the knowledge of the others in each case. Our advanced training concept has been specifically developed for this purpose.