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savignano software solutions
Metin Savignano
Königsallee 43
71638 Ludwigsburg

Phone +49-7141-13345-0
Fax +49-7141-13345-77

EU VAT no. DE177255994
D-U-N-S® Number 342701247

Company is a sole proprietorship (Einzelunternehmen)

savvytest, Uptrust and the Uptrust logo are registered trademarks of Metin Savignano
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Home page: Mohammad Rahmani/Unsplash
Software Products S/Notify: Urupong/
Consulting Services: mrmohock/
Company: Khanchit Khirisutchalual/
Contact: LookerStudio/
Legal: Studio-Annika/
Blogs: Sunny_studio/
Error page: Besjunior/
All other: own or custom license


Software Products: lakonicon/ 3.0
Consulting Services: Cahya Kurniawan/ 3.0
Agile Coaching / Person: icongeek/
Agile Coaching / Bulb: Romaldon/ 3.0
Agile Coaching / Changes: Person and Bulb icons combined; arrows drawn
Software Architecture: Brickclay/ 3.0/changes: to a pencil was added a white outline, and it was tilted and placed a few pixels up the button line.
Secure Email Communication: Peter van Driel/ the outline of the lock was "closed", before it had a broken line.
Coming Soon (new product placeholder): Brandy Bora/ and Adrien Coquet/ 
Support Portal / Documentation: Alexander Wiefel/
Support Portal / News: Olifernes Tejeros/
Support Portal / Connected: Hassan ali/

General modifications: Added gradient using brand colors


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