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July 2, 2024

Bug Bounty Program

We're Serious About Security!

We’re thrilled to announce that S/Notify Email Encryption has now become part of Atlassian’s Marketplace Bug Bounty program, hosted on Bugcrowd, the number one crowdsourced cybersecurity platform. Here, top security researchers dig deep to uncover hidden vulnerabilities, enhancing our expertise with their extensive knowledge.

S/Notify Email Encryption
Part of the Marketplace Bug Bounty program

Participating in bug bounty programs has revolutionized our cybersecurity approach. We’re offering a so-called Safe Harbour with financial rewards to ethical hackers for responsibly reporting vulnerabilities, ensuring we can address issues before they become problematic.

This initiative not only boosts our security but also fosters a collaborative community between researchers and businesses, making the digital world safer for everyone. Of course, our bug bounty program follows strict guidelines and control mechanisms.

Why This Matters:

  • Enhanced Security: Through diverse expertise we maintain high standards and achieve continuous improvement for our customers.
  • Fast Responses: We respond quickly to discovered security issues, minimizing exposure to potential threats.
  • Efficiency: Bug bounty programs filter out false positives, saving us time and resources.

Immediate Action on Vulnerabilities

When high or medium severity vulnerabilities are found, we act swiftly. Once a fix is available, we inform our customers through a security advisory, detailing:

  • The found vulnerability
  • Its assessed severity (according to CVSS)
  • Mitigation steps if possible
  • How to fix it (usually by installing the release)

Any S/Notify security advisories are immediately published at

Stay Updated!

Clients should ensure they have provided us with a working email contact address with their S/Notify license data at Atlassian.

We also post important information in our Security Updates blog. We highly recommend our customers to subscribe to that blog. Simply hit the subscribe bell on the left of the blog pages.

For detailed information about out our Vulnerability Disclosure Policy, please visit

Together, let's make the digital world safer!

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