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July 3, 2018

S/Notify 2.1 released and getting better all the time

We have just released S/Notify in version 2.1.0 for both Jira and Confluence. What's new?

Improved PGP keyserver support

S/Notify now fully supports the use of the hkp and hkps protocol which is often used with PGP keyservers. This makes it even easier to setup S/Notify for PGP. 

In that context, we recommend that you also check out our article on PGP: How To Use The SKS Keyserver Pool over HTTPS, if you haven't done so already. 

Helpful verification tool for Global Key Management settings

With version 2.1.0, S/Notify executes more tests and provides you with detailed information when you press Verify Settings in the Global Key Management settings.

It checks, step by step, for the S/MIME keystore

  • if the keystore file can be accessed
  • if the keystore data can be loaded 
  • if the current user's email address can be retrieved

And for the PGP keyserver, it is checked 

  • if the keyserver url is valid
  • if the keyserver can be connected to
  • if the current user's email address can be retrieved

We hope that these improvements significantly improve the identification of any problems with keystores and keyservers.

Encryption failure report now more detailed

The report that is sent instead of the encrypted email (if so selected) is now more helpful, because it differentiates between a missing matching certificate or key and more technical reasons. 

Note that specific technical reasons are not included in the user email, because they cannot be solved by the users themselves anyway. Details still need to be looked up in the log files, and therefore, the user gets the advice to contact the Jira or Confluence administrator for further details.

Prevent data loss when login times out

Maybe you know that situation: sometimes you enter data in the admin area of Jira or Confluence, then you do something else for whatever reason, and when you get back and submit the data, a re-login is requested. Unfortunately, this nulls all input data and can cause annoying data losses. 

We've addressed this problem and now make sure that S/Notify recognizes this situation, protecting your data in the best way possible.

Reminder: Early Adopter discount is still available

Until end of July, you are still able to get S/Notify at a significant discount. 

We offer a 30% discount to all early adopters. And if you want both plugins (for Jira and Confluence), you can even get a 40% discount!

How to apply for the discounts

Please open a request through our service desk to get the discount link and more information about it.

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