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November 12, 2019

S/Notify 3.0 Out Now

We’re very proud to announce the release of S/Notify 3.0 with an incredible bunch of new features and improvements!

Inbound decryption

S/Notify now allows you to accept and process incoming encrypted emails. They can automatically be decrypted, so they can be processed by Jira to create new issues or new comments in existing issues.

Email signatures

All outgoing emails can now be signed for improved trust and security in both, Jira and Confluence.

For incoming emails in Jira, S/Notify can strip off the signatures, so they don’t get attached to issues over and over again.

Per-project and per-space encryption

It is now possible to switch encryption on or off separately for each Jira project or Confluence space. This feature can be allowed or disallowed globally. If allowed, Jira project or Confluence space administrators will get a new option to configure decryption for their project.

Emails that do not belong to a project or space can be handled specifically.

Email anyone

It is now possible to encrypt any outgoing email, even if there is no user account associated with the email address, provided the required S/MIME certificate or PGP key can be retrieved elsewhere.

German localization

If Jira or Confluence is set to German, then S/Notify will speak German, too.

Many additional improvements

In addition to the brand-new features, we have added a load of improvements all over S/Notify, like for example:

  • Support of PGP keyrings as keystores
  • Self-checking to verify that S/Notify has not been modified for increased security
  • Self-checking to verify that the mailer library version matches the Marketplace plugin
  • Improved check and selection of PGP key and S/MIME certificate
  • Improved PGP key and S/MIME certificate management in the user profile
  • Improved global administration user interface
  • Improved information in Get Started and added self-checking to warn of problems
  • Some more internal improvements and smaller fixes

Thanks to all who contributed their suggestions to our product!

It was a great pleasure to create this new release for such an interested and supportive audience!

Your S/Notify Team

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