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February 7, 2020

S/Notify 3.1 Released

S/Notify 3.1 with new features and many improvements

S/Notify is undoubtedly the most comprehensive email encryption solution for Jira and Confluence!

Please note that we have started the DC Approval process and intend on releasing a DC compatible version in the future.

What this means for you:
Any customer running this application on a DC Instance would need to convert their license over to a DC App license if they intend on upgrading to the DC version in the future.

For more information see:

Considerations when upgrading

Before you upgrade S/Notify from 3.0 to 3.1, if you are using the per project or per space encryption feature, please note that we have made some changes to improve the way those emails are handled that were considered ambiguous in the 3.0 version.

Improved email analysis

Emails that contain references to more than one project are now evaluated in a much more sophisticated way. All references are checked regarding their encryption settings. If different projects or spaces are referred to, yet they do all have the same encryption setting, the email is no longer considered ambiguous.

In other words, only when the referred projects or spaces have contradictory encryption settings, the email is considered ambiguous, and the configuration setting for ambiguous emails is applied.

In addition to this enhanced analysis, a new configuration setting has been added for “other” emails – emails that do not refer to any project or space at all. These types of emails can now be treated independently from ambiguous emails. We recommend that you check your settings after the upgrade to 3.1 to make sure you use the configuration that serves your requirements best.

Intermediate S/MIME certificates

With release 3.1, S/Notify is capable of including intermediate certificates. If you want to make use of this new feature, please make sure that the necessary intermediate certificates are included in the server key store.

And here’s the complete list of what’s new in release 3.1:

New features

  • Intelligent ambiguity check for multiple project references
  • Separate configuration option for non project / non space related emails (“other”)
  • Outgoing emails can be additionally encrypted for sender address
  • S/MIME: include intermediate certificates if available
  • S/MIME: support of PKCS#7 format user key bundle
  • S/MIME: extract message text for opaque signed message independent from signature handling (applies to Jira inbound processing only)


  • Improved authorization check for project / space settings
  • Improved settings verification including per project / per space settings
  • Support of multiple server certificates or keys for the same email address (applies to Jira inbound processing only)
  • Improved text in email problem encryption failure report
  • Improved error checks for key server URLs
  • Improved logging in certain error situations
  • Improved in-app help with library version mismatches
  • Improved caching of private keys
  • Enhanced self-checking of the mailer library against tampering
  • Added Enhanced Settings page for specific tweaks


  • Fixed a problem with unspecific S/MIME certificates
  • Fixed a cache expiration problem after key server deactivation
  • Fixed a problem with URL redirection from key servers

Please send us comments, feature wishes, and any other type of feedback – it is much appreciated!

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