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November 17, 2020

S/Notify 3.3 Available

S/Notify is undoubtedly the most comprehensive email encryption solution for Jira and Confluence!

S/Notify 3.3 New Features And Improvements

Additional Jira Service Management Customers Support

For those of you who run S/Notify on Jira Service Management, formerly known as Jira Service Desk, there is a very useful new feature available with this version:

JSM customers now can upload their S/MIME certificate or PGP key from within the customer portal. A great way to support encrypted service emails – in addition to the automatic extraction of certificates and keys from incoming customer emails which we had already made available in our app’s last feature release!

Email Subject Encryption Improved

Subject encryption provides great security, but there’s one snag to it. If all subject headers are replaced by the same text, almost all email clients fail to group emails in a sensible way. A threaded view is not possible any more.

Therefore, we’ve added the option to keep the Jira task or Confluence space ID in the subject. We think that these IDs are cryptic enough not to leak any insight, but at the same time, they are unique enough to make threaded views in email clients work again.

How do you like that idea? Let us know – we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Enhanced LDAP Support

This version comes with full support of authenticated access, SSL connections, and filtered selections with LDAP servers, so S/Notify should now work in even the most custom environments.

Other Improvements

  • Send capabilities with S/MIME emails to inform the user’s mail client about the best ciphers S/Notify understands
  • Warn if there is another user using the same email address (which can cause much confusion)
  • Sophisticated address matching to identify the intended recipient address of incoming emails, no matter if it’s been put in the to, cc, or even bcc header 
  • Intelligent project/space identification in emails with references to multiple projects/spaces
  • Improved handling of multiple users having the same email address 
  • Skip inactive users when searching for address matches 
  • Improved solutions hints for installation problems to get you productive quickly even in case of issues
  • Protected headers: skipped for unencrypted emails – they don’t make sense there and are just confusing
  • Protected headers: compatibility work-around for some older Microsoft Outlook versions who failed to handle our character encoding properly


  • Jira Service Management (JSD): identify the project properly in customer emails 
  • Do not sign emails when certificate or key expired 
  • Reject DES encrypted email for security reasons 

Please send us comments, feature wishes, and any other type of feedback – it is much appreciated!

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