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April 21, 2021

S/Notify 3.4.2 released

We’ve only just released S/Notify for Jira and Confluence in version 3.4.2. This version brings fixes as well as a few improvements.

Release Notes


Tweak values* now display correctly with special characters 

We’ve encountered an issue with tweak values that contained special characters not being displayed correctly. This issue did not affect functionality, it just didn’t look good.

Tweaks* now properly reset to their default if deleted 

We noticed that deleting tweak values did not re-establish the default behavior, as one would expect. Now it does.


Compatibility for SMTP connectors of Jira Email This Issue app 

Users of the Jira Email This Issue app would experience problems using the app’s own SMTP connector with S/Notify. We’ve been able to fix this problem, so S/Notify now even works with this third-party app’s SMTP connectors.

Decode mail contents before applying skipEncryptionRegex tweak* 

Emails containing special characters are automatically encoded a line-wrapped using quoted-printable which made it very difficult to use regex patterns on them. S/Notify will now decode such emails prioer to applying the regex to them.

PCKS#12 keystores without aliases now work 

Some tools create key stores without aliases which lead to problems finding the correct private key for a certificate in such key stores. We’ve improved S/Notify so now it doesn't rely on aliases any more.

Check missing outgoing mail server 

S/Notify will now tell you that it can’t work without an outgoing mail server. This sometimes caused confusion when testing our app on a freshly installed instance.

New tweak* to optionally create opaque signatures

Some Outlook clients complain about not being able to verify an S/MIME signature and suspected that someone had tampered with the message. To avoid this, it’s now possible to make S/Notify create so-called opaque instead of cleartext signatures.

* Tweaks are very specific settings that haven’t made it into an official feature yet. They can be set in Extended Settings, but need guidance from us. Never mind if you haven’t heard about them yet.

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