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January 20, 2018

Survey On Email Encryption

Thanks to all who took time to answer our survey! 

The findings are quite interesting, so we wanted to share them with you. This page has been updated with the latest numbers on 17 May, 2018.

Q1: For your business, how import is it to encrypt email notifications from Jira and Confluence?

It does not come totally unexpected, that almost 85% of the participants think that, for their business, it's crucial or very important to encrypt the notification emails from Jira and Confluence.

After all, these notifications can contain invaluable insights about your projects!

Q2: In your opinion, which application needs email encryption?

Obviously, most Atlassian customers use both, Jira and Confluence. As a consequence, both applications will be used to manage crucial information. Hence it makes sense that 7 out of 10 believe that both applications should provide email encryption.

Q3: Which type of encryption do you consider to be safer?

I think this was an interesting question, and I was very curious how the answers would turn out. The vast majority believes that both encryption methods can be considered equally safe, while about one in four participants believes that PGP is safer than S/MIME. 

It would be very interesting to know more about the background of the answers. Why would PGP be considered safer than S/MIME? Does it have something to do with the different key infrastructures? Does it appear more transparent? Is S/MIME safer than PGP because of the transparent handling on the end user side? 

This sounds like more questions to ask, and we might start another survey about this some day!

Q4: Which type of encryption do you think is more convenient for the end user?

While we did expect that most participants wold vote for S/MIME due to its out-of-the-box integration with all major email user clients, we were amazed the same number of participants think PGP does a better job there.

One of the reasons we decided to choose S/MIME for email encryption in our own company was that it does not require additional software and, for example, even works with the standard Mail app on iOS devices. Again, it would be most interesting to know more about the reasons of these answers. 

Other questions

The remaining questions were about the participants' interest in a plugin for Jira and Confluence that enables email encryption. This was mainly for us to learn if there was a serious demand out there that would make it worthwhile for us to provide a plugin solution to others. What did we learn?

Well, there seems to be a demand, but to be honest, it did not come clear how serious it is. For example, three in four answered that they were interested in a free early evaluation of such a plugin. However, half of those interested decided not to give us their contact data which, of course, renders us unable to make them an offer! 

Early adopters

Are you interested in an early evaluation of our plugin? We are offering a free early evaluation. We are only asking for detailed feedbeck, so we can make sure that we provide the right solution for you.

Please contact us via the S/Notify Service Desk for details. 

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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