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November 9, 2021

What's New in S/Notify 3.5

S/Notify 3.5 brings some very useful new features!

Add indicators to incoming emails

Available in Jira / Jira Service Management only

S/Notify now not only decrypts incoming emails, but it can optionally add information to the email indicating that the contents added in Jira was

  • created from an email
  • encrypted
  • signed

Isn’t that awesome? 🤩

This new feature is off by default, but you can turn it on at the Encryption Settings administration page (see Encryption Settings - S/Notify for Jira).

Full signature verification

Available in Jira / Jira Service Management only

S/Notify 3.5 has improved in-depth signature verification. For S/MIME signatures, the full certificate chain and some certificate properties are checked. For PGP, the public key that was used to sign the email must be available and valid.

If the verification fails, the email will still be passed on. If you have selected to add indicators to the email, as described above, then the verification result will be obvious from the indicators added. Otherwise, the warnings can be checked for in the log file.

Additional or external LDAP server

S/Notify has had support for LDAP servers configured as User Directory in Jira or Confluence since a while now. But sometimes, users are maintained in another LDAP server, or S/MIME certificates may even be managed in an external LDAP.

With S/Notify 3.5, such LDAP servers can be added to the User Key Management (see User Key Management in S/Notify for Jira or User Key Management in S/Notify for Confluence), so S/MIME certificates can be retrieved from there as well.

Deferred storage of extracted certificates and keys

Available in Jira / Jira Service Management only

S/Notify is capable of extracting S/MIME certificates and PGP keys from incoming emails and store them with the appropriate user, so they can be used to encrypt any outgoing emails to the user.

However, until now there was a problem with emails sent from new users that did not yet exist when the email arrived, because this meant that there was no place where to store the extracted certificate or key.

S/Notify 3.5 comes with a sophisticated feature that will defer the storage of such certificates and keys until the user has been created by Jira. We think this is especially useful for customers in Service Management setups.

Let us know how you like it!

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