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June 24, 2024

Why and How We Love Helping Our Customers

Did you ever want to know what drives us to help our customers thrive by focussing on their core competences in a secure environment? Why we think that email encryption is an important part of security? And why we are so passionate about our proven S/Notify Email Encryption and the innovative Uptrust Email Encryption Server solutions? Then you can now read the interview by SafetyDetectives with our CEO to gain some insights.

SafetyDetectives is a platform dedicated to providing insightful and engaging interviews with top executives and innovators in the technology and cybersecurity sectors. Their mission is to bring forward the latest trends, challenges, and solutions from high-tech companies, software developers, AI experts, and cybersecurity leaders. Their in-depth interviews offer a unique glimpse into the minds of industry pioneers, providing their readers with valuable knowledge and perspectives on cutting-edge technologies and security practices.

Let us know how you like the interview, and don't hesitate to reach out if you have further questions!

Article link: SafetyDetectives Interview With Metin Savignano - Founder at Savignano Software Solutions

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